Airspace front elevation Plain.jpg

Airspace Co-working


With Airspace we were asked to completely
redesign a six storey Edwardian building on Oxford Street. 
The brief was to convert five floors of neglected offices
into a new co-working venture. Working with a challenging
budget we the client across

The aim of the project was to create a new kind of design-led
office space. To design a space that instilled a sense of calm
that was

We worked closely with the client to help develop the concept
of the business and Airspace as a brand. With the brand framework

Using a broad range of natural materials we hoped to create a
that reflected Airspace’s values. We wanted to create a
space that fel like your own, where you could . . . 

We began the design phase in November 2015.  Working closely
with the client to develop a calm atmosphere and that felt
personal and inviting to its occupants. We helped
to develop the brand from the ground up,`